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v-connect: connecting care with vision


The v-connect service covers every aspect of connecting care, from design through to installation, training and support. By supplying all of the equipment, training, infrastructure and technology necessary to deliver a successful service, v-connect leaves care organisations free to concentrate on what they do best - deliver care.

Designing the system

A key factor in v-connect's success is the close partnership we develop with care organisations. By working together from the start, we develop a detailed understanding of who will be using the system and how it will be used. This understanding allows us to plan in detail not only what equipment is required and where, but also any IT configuration needed, an approach which allows us to minimise unexpected problems later on.

Installation and support for an organisation

A smooth implementation of the v-connect service is important for care organisations, so we work closely with both your operational and IT teams. We train your teams to operate the system and the IT team to install the v-connect client software on the organisation's PCs, ensuring that IT team members have all the knowledge they need to support users. Our web based issue tracking system is provided to monitor any issues or questions regarding the system use.

Installation in the home

v-connect has the flexibility to provide whatever level of home installation support is most appropriate. At one extreme this can mean managing the complete process down to arranging times and dates with users; at the other, training an organisation's own installation team with the additional skills needed. Installation is fully documented at each stage, with full records maintained for traceability and made available to the requesting organisation through our web based system.

Training in the home

It's vital that individuals can use their v-connect system whenever they need it, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. As part of our home installation process we train people how to access the service through their television, the calling and answering processes and how to return to watching television afterwards. The training takes as long as is needed to ensure that the user is comfortable with the system, typically 30 to 60 minutes. The training can be supplemented with individual written instructions if needed.

Broadband provision in home

v-connect requires minimum up and downlink broadband speeds to operate. As part of the service, we can check an individual's existing broadband connections for suitability; for individuals without broadband, we can arrange installation on their behalf.

Supporting individuals using the service

To ensure a simple and consistent approach, the care organisation itself remains the primary point of contact for individuals using the service. v-connect ensures that the care organisation has all the training and help needed to provide this support. Should an issue require further assistance then we can support the individual directly, with the agreement of the care organisation. Our web based issue tracking system tracks and monitor issues, questions and solutions.

Network configuration for organisations

Our partnership approach and detailed planning helps identify and plan for any changes required to network or firewall configurations within care organisations, increasing the chances of a smooth deployment. The requirements for the system are documented in detail, including the IP addresses of all servers, the services each provides and the ports required. Our servers are connected to the internet and located at various geographic locations for resilience and fault tolerance. We can connect clients on the internet such as residential users, local government networks and NHS trust networks; we can also connect clients who only have N3 connections.

3G/4G connection

For mobile workers and situations where no broadband or suitable Wi-Fi connection is available, v-connect will operate on standard 3G or 4G networks, provided there is an adequate mobile signal.

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