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v-connect: connecting care with vision

v-connect delivers Innovate UK - SMART project with Designability

The use of the person’s own TV has been key to v-connect's success, helping overcome barriers to adopting the new technology of a video service. The flexibility of the secure video platform has been further extended through a SMART project with Designability. Now work has been carried out by Designability, at the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering, which brings together v-connect's video service with an interface specifically tailored to people with cognitive impairments such as learning difficulties, brain injury and dementia.

Individuals with substantive cognitive impairment have significant medication and other care needs; they are also at risk of concomitant conditions or co-morbidities and are often unable to travel. With an appropriate user interface, the v-connect remote video service has the potential to bring the demonstrated benefits of remote care to this more technologically difficult to reach demographic.

video: v-connect and the InTouch interface (links to West of England Academic Health Science Network)Designability, at the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering, undertook an EPSRC funded project called InTouch, that examined the use of video by people with cognitive impairment. Considerable learning and understanding was derived from the project regarding user interfaces that overcome the limitations of cognitive impairment.

The project is now continuing to explore the market for the InTouch interface, integrated into the v-connect service. This will involve consideration of the needs of both care providers and users. It will look at commissioners' reaction to the new proposition and how this balances against the scope and cost of integrating the user interface and service. The project is expected to provide objective evidence of whether there is a market for this integrated solution.

A video has been put together which goes into the project in more detail: you can watch the video on the West of England Academic Health Science Network here.

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