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v-connect: connecting care with vision

Your questions

Questions about v-connect? Browse our list of answers below, or take a look the information on our downloads page. If you don't find what you're looking for, call us on 01274 287 787 or email

Who is v-connect?

v-connect is powered by Red Embedded Systems. Established with the goal of facilitating care through the use of video telephony, Red Embedded Systems builds on the extensive technical expertise within the Red Embedded Group (website). Red Embedded partners with care organisations to enable the delivery of services that focus on outcomes, opening up a world of new possibilities for accessing health and social care and associated services from the home. By offering a managed service, supplying all of the infrastructure and technology necessary to deliver a successful service, the partner can concentrate on what they do best - deliver care.

Some people are wary of computers, how easy is it to use?

Red Embedded's v-connect is very easy to use. If you can manage your TV remote control you can manage v-connect. It is simple to set up: our team of trained installers will arrange a visit to install the equipment and show you how it works

What do we need for v-connect?

All you need is a TV and Broadband. Don't worry if you don't have Broadband as we are able to organise this as part of the service, provided your home can be connected.

What are the advantages of using the TV?

v-connect works through any TV and this makes it familiar and simple to use. The remote controller is dedicated to making the experience as simple as possible. The set top box provides a secure, reliable and personalised experience of using video to the home.

Who can I connect to?

v-connect is able to connect to any and as many other connections as your care network requires.

How safe is v-connect?

v-connect has been developed in partnership with the NHS and local authorities to meet the highest levels of security and ensure seamless communication across health and social care.

How much does v-connect cost?

The average cost of the service is less than £20 per week into a home or residential setting.

How does v-connect differ from Skype and similar services?

  • Security: Many video services work in a way that require compromises in network security. v-connect was designed from the outset to operate in a different way that allows secure deployment and fully encrypted video and audio.
  • Service: v-connect service level agreements ensure there is someone to call should problems arise, leaving you free to deliver care, not manage IT systems.
  • Stability: v-connect is designed from end to end to deliver a robust and stable service.
  • Suitability: v-connect is available on a range of different devices including set top boxes, desktop and laptop PCs and tablets - the devices and user interfaces are developed to make using v-connect as easy as possible.
  • Systems: Care integration and person centred care require services to work across organisations and outside of current siloes. v-connect enables this with a focus on three key aspects:
    • Colleague - professional to professional communication.
    • Care - professionals to a person at home or in a care home.
    • Companion - where people are supported by family or carers.
  • Standards: v-connect is based on open standards and interoperability: this is central to embedding the use of video in care.
v-connect: frequently asked questions

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