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v-connect: connecting care with vision

Case studies

v-connect connects people to help support each other and improve social interaction. It's proving its worth across a range of use cases: read our case studies below.

Connecting Learning Disability Clients to each other and their families over video

Who was connected?
The video service was already in place supporting the clients by connecting them to community alarms. Allowing the clients to call each other using the service extended the service.

How was the video used?
This allowed the reuse of the video connection for social use over and above the support use.

What were the outcomes?
The service has been used to connect clients together socially.

Increasing Access to Services – Connecting a Leisure Centre to a Deaf Centre Using Video

Who was connected?
The video service was used to connect a screen at the reception of a leisure centre to a local deaf centre.

How was the video used?
Deaf visitors to the centre were then able to communicate with the staff using the panel and signing to a person who would convert the signing to speech.

What were the outcomes?
Increased access to the centre for deaf people who might otherwise see the communication with staff as a barrier.

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