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v-connect: connecting care with vision

Vital reassurance for
friends, family & carers

A service that lets you see and talk to the person you care for through the TV. The ease of use and availability across a wide range of devices means that friends, family and carers can see and talk to each other more often. This gives vital reassurance for a wide range of carers who cannot be there all of the time.

v-connect uses the TV at home to provide a reliable video connection at the press of a button: no computers or specialist skills required.

For family and carers, this helps you balance your caring role with pressures of everyday life. Being able to trust the service dramatically increases self-confidence and independence.

The cost of Companion can be included as part of your care package if you have a personal budget.

Connecting people for support

Companion connects people to help support each other and improve social interaction. This includes:

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Carers


  • Reduced isolation
  • Maintaining family contact
  • Maintaining community links
  • Befriending services
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