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v-connect: connecting care with vision

Case studies

v-connect connects professionals to each other for more integrated, higher impact care. It's proving its worth across a range of use cases: read our case studies below.

The Benefits of Connecting a Walk-in Centre to an Emergency Department Using Video

Who was connected?
The video service was used to connect a walk-in centre to an A&E department.

How was the video used?
A&E doctors are to treat patients at North Staffordshire's biggest walk-in centre for the first time – by video link. Eighteen consultants will carry out some consultations and review cases via the new technology at Burslem's Haywood Hospital.

What was the outcome?
It is designed to take pressure off the University Hospital of North Staffordshire's accident unit by allowing some emergency ambulances to be diverted to the walk-in centres.

Efficiency and Quality Benefits of Using Video to Connect a GP and Geriatrician to a Care Home

Who was connected?
The video service linked a general practitioner to a secondary care geriatrician and a care home.

How was the video used?
The video was used by the GP to undertake virtual rounds in the care home. In the case where a secondary consult was required the GP would liaise with the geriatrician regarding the particular patient's needs using the video. If required, the geriatrician could then make a video call into the care home to see and talk to the patient and carers. The geriatrician then had a follow up video call with the GP and, where appropriate, treatment or medications were modified.

What were the outcomes?
“This system has linked a geriatrician in his office at the local hospital to a nursing home at the other end of the Borough. It has allowed him to contribute to a team of doctors and nurses who meet weekly and support clinical decisions made on residents’ care. If the need arise for him to see one of the residents, he would do so immediately following the meeting using the same system and the resident would be supported by nursing home care staff. Equipment is available to allow the nurse to take vital signs such as blood pressure or oxygen sats and the results made available to the Geriatrician immediately."

"This has considerably improved turnaround time on clinical decision making, mainly supported by the geriatrician’s expertise and there has been an additional benefit noted of him being able to gain access to results from the hospital IT systems and communicate this back to the team at the nursing home in real time."

Sharon Finney, Commissioning Manager, North Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group



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