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v-connect: connecting care with vision

Better Outcomes for People with Learning Disabilities – Transforming Care (BOLD-TC) is an innovative partnership, led by v-connect, to improve the care of people with learning disabilities in the community. Beginning in October 2015 and funded through a Phase 2 development contract awarded by the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Healthcare competition, the project links video-consultation with local or remote vital sign monitoring and the ability to measure the impact of these systems on individuals and those that support them.

BOLD-TC aims to help people with learning disabilities to remain in their community, increasing their independence, improving their health and wellbeing, and supporting their increased engagement in community activities. New models of care are being co-developed which bring together people with learning disabilities, supported by Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council and national learning disability charity Hft, as well as a range of other partners.

In collaboration with care providers and their clients, the project is exploring:

  • multi-way video calling between the clients, family, primary, secondary and social care;
  • remote video and other services through mobile devices helping to keep both the client and their carers connected;
  • remote monitoring of blood pressure and other vital signs to identify and address any issues as soon as possible;
  • evaluation of information collected as part of normal daily activities, as well as monitoring health and wellbeing outcomes.

The project uses v-connect's communication service to connect those who need care through simple-to-use video communication using their TV, tablet or mobile device.

Find out more about the many positive impacts BOLD-TC is making, both for people with learning disabilities and for those who care for them, in the Project Overview (PDF), in the Outcomes Booklet and in the videos below.

BOLD-TC videos

Open any of the categories below and click any image to see BOLD-TC project videos, or see them all on our BOLD-TC YouTube channel.

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v-connect leading the BOLD-TC project: transforming care

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